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Royal Wulff Illustration by Mike Hosier

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A Note From Joan

The Wulff School of Fly Fishing has always been a personal school. Starting in 1979, it was Lee's and my dream to share, with willing enthusiasts, the skills and lore of our wonderful sport. Lee will be with you through his words, films, and philosophy. I will be with you through my analysis of the casting stroke and instructional techniques. Both of us will be with you through our experienced and very capable staff of instructors, all of whom have been thoroughly trained in the Wulff School casting method. My son Doug Cummings acts as the administrator of the school.

Our instructors love what they do and will help you to attain your personal goals. The instructor-to-student ratio is 1-to-4. The Wulff School is also personal in the sense that we provide students with rod choices from a dozen different manufacturers. Of course you are free to bring and use your own tackle. So whether you are a parent and child, husband and wife, with friends or alone, you are most welcome at the Wulff School of Fly Fishing on the Beaverkill. Join us this season!

The Legendary Joan and Lee Wulff are luminaries in the rich tradition of fly fishing and two of its leading pioneers.
Lee Wulff and Joan Wulff
"Fly casting is different from all other sports in that it requires two strokes instead of one. Because the weight we cast is the long and flexible fly line, it must be unrolled with force backward as well as forward. Your first challenge is to develop backward-throwing muscles." - Joan Wulff
Lee Wulff - The Wulff School

Lee Wulff was responsible for popularizing fly fishing to the television audience in the early days of American Sportsman. He was also a mechanical engineer, a tireless inventor (the fishing vest), author, illustrator, teacher, explorer and advocate of catch-and-release fishing. His spirit lives on through the strong preservation ethic that infuses the sport of fly fishing today; an ethic that he championed throughout his lifetime.

Joan Wulff - The Wulff School

Joan Wulff started in casting competitions when just a schoolgirl, then progressed to champion, author, instructor and spokesman, and today remains the leading female fly fisherman in the world. Her teaching methodology is simple, straightforward and, extremely effective. Her many books and DVDs continue to help millions of fishers around the globe.

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