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Royal Wulff Illustration by Mike Hosier

A Legend

Joan Salvato Wulff

Joan was a National Casting Champion from 1943-1960. Highlights: winning the National Fisherman's Distance Casting event against an all-male field, and casting a fly 161 feet. Joan has pioneered a set of fly casting mechanics which were presented in her book Fly Casting Techniques. She has authored two other books and, for 22 years, wrote a casting column for Fly Rod & Reel magazine. Her instructional video, Dynamics of Fly Casting, is an ongoing success. She was elected to the IGFA Hall of Fame in 2007.

Joan Wulff Video Series with RL Winston Rod Co

Check out the video series Joan did with RL Winston Rod Co. One of the greatest casters of all-time, Joan Wulff shares her secrets to becoming a successful flycaster for life. Progressing very quickly from basic introduction to advanced techniques, these new movies offer useful tips for anglers of all skill levels.

Joan Wulff - The Wulff School

In chapter format, Joan shows and explains the casting mechanics and techniques she has been developing, analyzing, and refining for more than 60 years. Learn the important elements of great casting, vital hand and arm movements, practice routines that will teach you how to make almost all kinds of casts. Solid basics to advanced techniques. 90 min. DVD. Over 46,000 sold!

"As a teacher I want my knowledge to become your knowledge, to be a part of your confidence when you fish. I wish I could be with you to see your eyes light up as you bring a fish to your fly by performing a casting technique you once thought beyond your reach. Throughout the learning experience you will have your share of good casts and bad, some that are better than expected, other will make you wonder if you'll ever get it right. And there will be some casts that are absolutely perfect!" - Joan Wulff
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