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Sheila M. Hassan
Sheila Hassan is an International Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Casting Instructor. She is on the pro staff for TFO rods and Hatch Reels. Sheila is the director at the Wulff School of Fly Fishing and teaches casting seminars and private lessons throughout New England. She has traveled extensively for fishing both fresh and saltwater. She is an IGFA world record holder for bonefish and bluefish and has published two books: Fly Casting: A Systematic Approach, and Starting in the Salt: Saltwater Fly Casting.


Dave Brandt
Dave Brandt is our Senior instructor and has been with the school since 1987. A world famous Fly tyer, Dave also taught Fly Fishing at SUNY Oneonta and illustrated the Carmichael/Garrison book on Bamboo Rod making.

Dawn Foley
An experienced angler for more than 10 years, Dawn lives in New York State where she has been an instructor at the Wulff School since 2003. She is the founder of the Dame Anglers Women's Fly Fishing Club, a member of Federation of Fly Fishers, past board member of North Jersey Trout Unlimited and the International Women Fly Fishers. Her teaching credentials also include NJ Fish and Wildlife casting clinics and BOW programs, and casting instructor for the Montclair State University Jr. Fly Fishing School.

Susan Thrasher
Susan is the owner of Southern Brookies Fly Fishing in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been on staff with the Wulff School since 2005. Susan started fishing at a young age with her dad in East Tennessee and has been passionate about the outdoors all her life. As an avid fly angler, fly tier and oarsman, her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. As an FFF Certified Casting Instructor, she teaches casting throughout Middle Tennessee. Her professional training, coupled with a patient and fun loving personality, makes her natural teacher and guide.


Dusty Wissmath

Dusty Wissmath
Fly fishing since the age of 8, Dusty has been guiding and teaching fly fishing since the early 70's. He is a member of the FFF Board of Governors and is on the pro-staffs of several fly fishing tackle manufacturers. When not teaching for the Wulff school, he runs his own casting school and guide service.


Dennis Charney

Dennis Charney
Dennis Charney of Bellefonte, PA operates a fly fishing guide service, fishing the local limestone streams of Centre County PA. Dennis has been teaching at the Wulff School since 2004. An experienced FFF certified casting instructor, Dennis also provides  instructional services for Fly fisher's Paradise fly shop in State College PA. He has experience in competitive casting and fishing as part of the 2003-04 Fly Fishing Masters competitions.


Mark Wilde
Mark Wilde began fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12, and has been with the school since 2010. He comes from St. Albans, Vermont where he has operated Uncle Jammer's Guide Service since 1998. A FFI Certified Casting Instructor and instructor for L.L. Bean, Mark provides casting instruction throughout the year to at a variety of recreation programs, schools, and vacation resorts.

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