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The Wulff School of Fly Fishing is located in the Catskills, the birthplace of dry-fly fishing in America, on its best known river, the Beaverkill. The School's 100 acres in the upper Beaverkill Valley is a beautiful setting of forest, meadow, and ponds. Our school building was especially designed to meet our teaching requirements. An adjoining private stretch of the Beaverkill is used to teach wading, streamcraft, and obstacle casting.

Students with extra time may enjoy fishing the Delaware's main stem, plus the East and West branches, as well as the trout-rich no-kill stretches of the Beaverkill and Willowemoc.

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Accommodations & Travel Directions

Courses Offered


This is our all-encompassing trout course, good for beginners and experienced trout fishermen alike. In addition to the theory and practice of casting* on ponds and in the river, you'll learn about stream entomology, fishing knots, reading water, tackle know-how, fly selection, approach and presentation, wading, playing, landing and releasing fish. Joan's Fly Casting Techniques is provided as a textbook,* including use of videotape on one of the six sessions.


This course is the ideal follow-up to the Trout Course. The course is designed to improve any angler's casting skill in fresh or salt water because we can instruct individually and move at each student's pace. The course includes tackle know-how, casting patterns for stream coverage, accuracy, shooting line, and – depending on student's interest and ability - handling heavy flies, curves and mends, spey and quick casts, kayak or canoe casting and other advanced techniques. Joan's casting DVD and her book, Fly-Casting Techniques, are the texts.

2019 Date: May 6-8. This class will be conducted by Joan, Sheila and staff. Experience with the Wulff School casting method, through the Casting School, is recommended.

Private schools for groups are available. Please inquire.


School Hours: Fri 8pm - Sun 5pm

May 10-12
June 7-9
June 21-23

May 3-5
May 31-June 2
June 14-16

May 6-7-8

For details and reservations call
(845) 439-5020.

Email: wulffschool@pronetisp.net


Trout and Casting Schools:
(Tuition Only) $750 (with meals)

Instructor School:

(Tuition includes Joan's VHS or DVD Dynamics Of Fly Casting,
and a FLY-O.)

Bring with you the Fly Casting Techniques book that
you already own. The school will also provide a picnic
lunch on days 2 and 3. Class begins the first day at 2pm
and 9am on the following two days. There will be a break
for a picnic lunch and the school will end at 5:30-6:00pm
each day. Your evenings will be free for dinner on your
own or with a group at "local" restaurants.

What equipment should you bring?
We ask our students who own waders to bring them
for the stream session. It is not necessary to buy
them in order to come to class, however, as we
have several pairs available. If you would like to
bring your own rods, reels, etc., you are free to do
so. But do not buy new equipment just to come to
class, as we will provide it. On Sunday afternoon,
you'll get to try all the rods we have at our "rod
testing session." This way, you'll have a better
idea of what to buy when you are ready to
purchase new, or first-time gear. We also have
some of our teaching aids and books available
at our School Store.

Will you see Joan?
Yes if she is not traveling.

How do you make reservations?

For reservations call (845) 439-5020.

Email: wulffschool@pronetisp.net

How old should children be?
We suggest that children are at least 10 years old, and have their own interest in fly fishing. Due to the
intensity of the course, it is not recommended for younger children.

What is the best airport access?
Newark, NJ - 130 miles; LaGuardia, NYC - 130 miles; Stewart,
Newburgh, NY - 70 miles;
Binghampton, NY - 80 miles; Click here for detailed driving instructions


Students must make their own reservations for accommodations.
Click here for a complete list of local accommodations.

Travel Directions
The Wulff School of Fly Fishing is located 3 miles upriver from Lew Beach, NY and 2-1/2 hours
(120 miles) by car from New York City. It is 75 miles from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, N.Y.
and 13 miles from Livingston Manor.

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